Sparkly Glitter Wedding Nails

As soon as I started thinking about my wedding day nails, I knew I wouldn’t be going for a traditional French manicure. When it comes to nails (or anything, really) I’m not too good at being ‘pretty and pink’. My nails rarely deviate from the same dark shades: black, gunmetal grey, purple or blue, and I’m not the sort of person that cares if it’s excessively chipped. (Sorry.)

Many people feel quite strongly that brides shouldn’t make too much of a feature of their nails, but rules like that sort of make me want to go in the opposite direction and rock a bright neon shade with stripes or polka dots. But while flawless white tips and plain nude polish are certainly not ‘me’, I still realise that eye-catching nails won’t work for the look I’m going for. And my usual black polish definitely won’t make a wedding day appearance. I need something subtle, but interesting.

So, after much browsing of beauty blogs and Pinterest I’ve decided that a bit of glitter is the way to go. Everyone knows I love sparkle, so this easily satisfies my need to avoid a ‘boring’ manicure without drawing too much attention. Now just to decide the details: heavy glitter, or a subtle shimmer? One accent nail or all-over sparkle? Decisions, decisions…

Glitter wedding nails

1: Glitter accent nail – Twitpic via Cupcakes and Cashmere
2: Glitter reverse manicure – Nailed It via Make Up
3: All-over ‘Snow Angel’ glitter – Steffels
4: Glitter tips – via The Knot
5: Silver glitter accent nail – via Riches for Rags

Have you decided on your wedding day nails?

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